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A red pourable rubber. This rubber is primarily used for the casting of low melt alloys, both centrifugally and by hand, or where a very firm mould is required. RTV101 is used in the Centricast system for casting military figures, jewellery, model parts and dolls house accessories, centrifugally in lead/tin alloys or pewter.

It can also be used for casting resins, waxes, plaster etc.

RTV101 has a Shore A hardness of 55, retaining its elastomeric properties up to 260ºC continuously, and up to 316ºC when casting white metals.

Cure time 5-6 hours. Now being supplied complete with curing agent 28 catalyst.

*This product is hazardous/flammable and must be sent by a road carrier, please see our delivery charges page for shipping information

Quantity discounts available on 5kg size:
4+ less 10% discount
10+ less 15% discount