Restoration & Finishing 

Whether you’re restoring an older piece that needs a little artistic TLC, or adding the finishing touches to your latest masterpiece, Tiranti have all the tools you need to properly equip yourself for the task at hand.

From craft knives, to wax finishes, we have all the tools for sculpting, to acrylic paints. With all products sourced from renowned brands, you can rest assured that your equipment will live up to the high standards you expect of your artistic work.

One popular element of the restoration process is gold leafing or metal leafing, allowing you to transform otherwise dull, worn-down materials into something striking and worthy of a centrepiece – whether it’s an aged sculpture or a chest of drawers – you make the rules.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming new category – Sculpt Nouveau – which includes a number of metal patina’s to age and colour metals along with oils and cleaners to allow artists and tradesmen alike to bring their sculpted items back to life.

For those looking to go back to basics, we supply an impressive range of paints, earth pigments and brushes – allowing you to inject a colourful new lease of life back into your favourite pieces.

If you’re looking for more obscure restoration products to purchase, we also offer steel wool, stencil brushes, surgical blades and low fire glaze, opening up your possibilities to include less common materials for art projects.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us here at Tiranti, and our friendly advisors will offer guidance on the best products for your restoration and finishing requirements.