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Fine yellow Double or Regular gold leaf, available Loose and in Transfer form. Double means that it is heavier sheet than the standard regular, and Transfer means that the gold leaf sheet has been pressed onto tissue paper, and so it is easier to handle than loose (but it is only suitable for oil gilding). 23¾ Carat is the best grade to use outdoors. Leaf size 80mm x 80mm in books of 25 leaves.

Orange Gold Leaf 22 Carat: Deep gold in colour, available in regular only, loose or transfer

Rosenoble Double Gold Leaf 23¾ Carat Double gold leaf: rosenoble gold in colour in 23¾ carat, available loose or transfer.


Discounts available for quantities of each type of gold leaf: Quantity Discounts available:

5+ less 5% discount

20+ less 10% discount

100+ less 15% discount

200+ less 20% discount