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Substitute Gold and Other Metal Leaf: Substitute or imitation gold leaf, known also as Schlag Leaf or Dutch Metal. The leaf is comparatively thick compared to real gold leaf and very easy to handle. Must be varnished afterwards to avoid tarnishing and to protect it (e.g. with Ormoline Sealer). Acrylic Gold Size is ideal to use with these metal leafs. Leaf size is 140mm x 140mm, in books of 25 leaves. Available in substitute gold, red variegated gold, copper, and aluminium.

Silver Leaf: Genuine Silver Leaf. Must be varnished as soon as laid to avoid tarnishing (e.g. using Ormoline Sealer.) Leaf Size 95mm x 95mm.

Discounts available for quantities of each type of leaf:

Quantity Discounts available:

5+ less 5% discount

20+ less 10% discount

100+ less 15% discount

200+ less 20% discount