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Grades 0000, 00 and 0 Steel Wool. Outstanding quality steel wool. The use of long, top-quality steel wire to create long strands of highly crumble resistant wool, and state-of-the-art machinery to lay the strands parallel, creates a continuous band of consistent strand-thickness wool, allowing it to be packed in neat rolls from which the required amount can be cut off. The steel wool is capable of excellent liquid retention for the use of spreading strippers, solvents and cleaners evenly; it is also virtually oil free.

Useful hints: Cut to length with shears and use gloves when working. Make sure the strands of steel wool pads lie along the line of work. When using cleaners and solvents, try out in an inconspicuous place first. Never use steel wool on ormolu. When polishing metals, lubricate steel wool with soapy water or another appropriate lubricant..

Grade 0000: for delicate cleaning of metal and glass; polishing metals; applying wax polishes; cutting down intermediate coats of French polish and lacquers; polishing cold cast resin metals.

Grades 00 and 0: as for 0000, but for heavier work; cleaning suede, marble, tiles. Use Liberon Wax & Polish Remover to clean surfaces thoroughly between stripping and resurfacing.