Here at Alec Tiranti, we are the new and sole UK distributor of products by Sculpt Nouveau, a company founded by artists that specialises in sculpture maintenance, metal protection and metal finishing products. Sculpt Nouveau’s products merge traditional designs with modern science to provide artists and tradesmen with the tools to create any metal surface effect they desire, helping them bring their spaces to life with vivid colours and rich surfaces.

We can provide Birchwood Casey patinas for blackening metals. These concentrated patina solutions come in three options: Pewter Black (ideal for blackening tin and pewter and lead and pewter alloys, along with stained glass); Presto Black (suitable for iron and steel surfaces; and Aluma Black (best for aluminium surfaces).

These Birchwood Casey patina paints come in brush-on or spray concentrate form with their fast reaction making them ideal for tools and small decorative surfaces. We can also provide Sculpt Nouveau’s more traditional patinas in a range of colours including black, Japanese brown, blue, and tiffany green.

Elsewhere in Sculpt Nouveau’s range, we supply lacquers such as Clear Guard, a clear, durable, fast drying lacquer that adheres excellently to numerous metals and patinas to produce a tarnish resistant film. We also offer Sculpt Nouveau’s top coat, Smart Coat; their in-house metal cleaner and degreaser, and metal oil which is suitable for use on all metals.

Here at Alec Tiranti we aim to provide an extensive range of tools and materials to help you carve, model and cast, and we are always looking to introduce new materials that might complement our range. If there is any Sculpt Nouveau product you are interested in buying but can’t find here please contact us.