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Birchwood Casey Patina

Here at Tiranti, we understand the importance of buying high quality Birchwood patinas for your various requirements – which means we stock only the best products for the job. Supplied in a concentrated form, these Birchwood Casey patinas are used by diluting 1 part distilled water, to one part Birchwood Casey. It’s of vital importance that the solution is mixed correctly, as it can otherwise result in issues with the finish of your patina.

Here are the three main types of Birchwood Casey patina:

Pewter Black PB-1

Our Pewter Black Birchwood Casey patina comes in the form of an immersion/brush-on/spray concentrate, used predominantly for blackening tin, pewter and lead alloys, castings, terneplate and stained glass.

Presto Black PC-9

The Presto Black does what it says on the tin – blackening iron and steel surfaces. Perfect for tools and small decorative surfaces due to its speed of reaction, the Birchwood Casey patina in Presto Black is a must have for anyone looking to obtain a gunmetal blue.

Antique Brown M-38

For Bronze, copper and brass, Antique Brown M-38 is a spray, brush or immersion liquid for golden browns through to traditional, antique choclate brown patinas.

Aluma Black A-14

As a spray or brush-on liquid, the Aluma Black works the fastest out of all the Birchwood Casey patinas. Instantly blackening aluminium, it creates a deep black finish on engravings and simulated pewter finishes.

Sold at competitive prices, Tiranti are committed to uniting customers with the best products on the market, at prices that won’t break the bank. Our selection of Birchwood Casey patinas will be delivered as soon as possible, allowing you to get started on your metal stain requirements.

Contact us today here at Tiranti, where our professional advisors will be on hand to offer you recommendations, pricing and guidance when it comes to your purchase. We understand that the vast array of choices on our site can be overwhelming – so we’re always here for a chat.