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Clear Guard

Here at Tiranti, we have a tradition of supplying high quality lacquers – with Clear Guard now at the forefront of our brands – allowing customers to achieve a perfect finish with their projects. With its clear finish, you can rest assured that the material you are working on remains intact and retains its colour.

Boasting excellent adhesion to bronze, brass, copper and other metals, this product is truly versatile and can be used for a multitude of purposes. It also works well with a range of patinas and rusted metals.

Ready for use with a myriad of application equipment – including sprayers – you can apply clear guard in the ways that you’re most comfortable with. We understand the importance of a clean finish.

The composition of Clear Guard is specially designed to ensure virtually no orange peel as a result of its usage. As a UV stable product, which is also weather, water and chemical resistant, Clear Guard will allow for prolonged longevity of all your projects.

Contact us today here at Tiranti, where our friendly advisors will be on hand to offer advice and recommendations regarding your purchase of Clear Guard products and other metal finishes.