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Metal Coating ‘B’

These metal finishing products are suitable for finishing resin, plaster, or ceramic items, as well as those made from a variety of metals.  The colour and visual texture of the finishes will give the impression of a solid iron, copper or bronze piece, regardless of its actual composition.  This visual effect is achieved by suspending real metal powder in a transparent medium which adds depth and fixes the colour to the surface.

To achieve the most realistic effect for metal finished products, acid patina can be applied to the metal coating.  He first step is to lightly polish the finish with fine wire wool.  This give the surface a key for the acid to react with.  When using a non-reactive patina, the surface should also be gently heated.  The finish should then be allowed to cure for 24 hours before any metal protection products, such as lacquer or wax, is added.

For a more dramatic colour change, acid patina products can be applied before the metal coating has dried.  Non-reactive patina products in particular may adhere better to a wet finish.  Once the patination process is complete, selectively polishing the surface can create variation and highlights.

Once cured, these metal finishing products create a tough, hard surface which can resist the effects of weather making them suitable for garden ornaments and other outdoor items.  On the other hand, their subtle shades and adaptability means they work just as well on delicate indoor pieces.  A fine way to achieve a unique and personal metal finishing effect.