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Traditional Patina

Here at Tiranti, we aim to provide the best products to restore and decorate your metalwork with our wide selection of treatments and products. One of the best ways to produce that traditional bronze finish is by colouring it with a reactive patina. That’s why we provide Sculpt Nouveau’s specially designed traditional patinas.

Our traditional patinas are all extremely versatile patinas that will produce a unique finish on metals as diverse as iron, steel, aluminium, bronze, brass, or copper. They can be applied hot or cold as a spray or in an immersion process. All of these will produce different effects. They can also be applied over one another or mottled around areas in order to make the patina more interesting.

Before applying our traditional patinas, we recommend sandblasting or sanding and cleaning your metal to remove the oil, oxides, and residues. The patinas can be diluted up to 50% with distilled water depending on the desired strength of finish. When they are dry, you should look to protect the finish with multiple coats of a clear sealer.

Our traditional patinas come in a range of shades and colours such as black magic, slate black, stainless black, darkening, Japanese brown, powder blue, light green, tiffany green. These are all available in three sizes: 8oz, 32oz or 1 gallon, so you can pick the size that is most suitable for your individual requirements.

If you have any questions about our traditional patinas, please take a look at each patina’s individual product page by clicking the links below. Alternatively you can contact us here at Tiranti by visiting our contact page. We’d be delighted to answer any questions you may have about our traditional patinas.