Stone Carving

Whether you’re a newcomer or not, there is always more to learn when it comes to stone carving. Steeped in a deep history, the tradition of carving into stone is one of the oldest ways to present an image on stone. There are a variety of tools available for stonemasonry, whereby the process involves reducing the stone. At Alec Tiranti, we are able to provide craftspeople working with stone a wide variety of stone carving tools.

Our stone carving supplies will take you through the entire process. Beginning with feathers and wedges, this can help to split larger blocks of stone into smaller parts. Stone punches and points can help to mark your piece out, and you can perform cutting to remove most of the material. Claws and chisels can be used to help refine the shape, and further details can be added with a particular shaped rasp or rifflers, which can finally be smoothed with a rubbing block before polishing.

In our extensive collection of stone carving tools, we supply products for working with different types of stone. For soft to medium stone, you will find a carbon steel chisel the most suitable, whilst if you’re working with a tougher or more abrasive stone (for example, limestone and granite) then a tungsten tipped tool would be more appropriate.

If you require cutting letters into stone, we have a specific range of lettering chisels that are designed for the necessary intricacy for such a task. We supply mallets and hammers to use with chisels, whilst some chisels can be used with a pneumatic hammer. Lastly, oil and diamond whetstones can help to keep your chisels in top condition, keeping them sharp so they can continue to cut the stone effectively.

For more information about our range of stone carving supplies, or if you are looking for something in particular, please get in touch with us at Alec Tiranti today.