This section includes tools used in sculpting from stone and stone masonry.
Stonecarving represents one of the oldest methods of depicting an image in the form of a sculpture. Having selected a suitable block of stone, the sculptor renders the image by a reduction process.
A variety of tools are used depending on the stage of the process. Feathers and wedges are used for splitting larger stones; punches and points for roughly marking out the piece. Rough cutting to remove bulk of the material is done using claws and chisels. Bush hammers can also be used for this process and to texture surfaces.
Carbon steel chisels are suitable for softer stone and tungsten tipped tools are preferable for working with harder stones such as limestone and granite. Chisels may be either struck by a mallet or hammer or used with a pneumatic hammer.
The piece can be smoothed using rifflers and rubbing blocks prior to polishing.