Studio Equipment & Armatures

As a creative, you’ll be aware of how important it is to your craft that you have the correct tools and equipment for the job. There’s nothing worse than working on your next masterpiece, only to discover that the armature you’re working with is faulty and has completely ruined the integrity of your structure – meaning you have to start again from scratch.

Here at Alec Tiranti, we have been helping artists with their creative endeavours since as far back as 1895, with our extensive collection of studio furniture and armatures.

If you’re a novice looking to get into the art of sculpting, you’ll discover that the purchase of an armature is necessary to create the designs that have been hiding in your creative mind.

Here is the range of armatures we offer:

  • Fixed Iron Armatures
  • Sliding Armatures
  • Mills Armature Holder
  • Aluminium Armature Wire
  • Galvanised Wire
  • Copper Wire
  • Aluminium Expanded Mesh
  • Bolted Bust PGS
  • Hose/Jubilee Clips
  • Modelling Boards
  • Nichrome Wire

Even if you prefer to use less robust methods than armatures themselves, you can opt for the wire options listed above, which will offer a similar effect on a smaller scale.

Studio furniture that is comfortable and conducive to a good working environment is a must if you’re looking to create an atmosphere in which you can relax to work for hours at a time. Our carving stands and benches are specially designed with comfort and practicality in mind, created in a variety of modern finishes to look at home in any studio.


Studio furniture

Comfortable studio furniture is an absolute must if you’re keen to create a good ergonomic workspace where you can relax and work for hours at a time.

Our carving stands and carving benches offer the utmost in comfort and practicality, while our sculpture modelling stands are available in a range of styles, working heights, both wood and metal.

When choosing a work stand you have to ensure that the load is adequately supported, smaller pieces are better suited to a Student Stand, larger pieces are more suited to the fixed wooden Carving Stands.

Fixed carving stands mean that the sculptor has to move around the bench to work from all sides, a turntable adds flexibility and allows the sculptor to work from the nearside of the load, spinning it to move the work closer.

The largest pieces require a lower workbench to improve load stability, again a turntable will allow the sculptor to work from the nearside, thus reducing the risk of injury and further improving load stability.

Armature supplies

Modelling Boards basically a wooden board to position your model onto – you can then build armatures and model with confidence.

The board can also be fitted with a wooden “Bust Peg” this acts as a central support and a fixed point of reference.

Building armatures is a very personal thing, often people start by building a simple wire skeleton, then build around this with clay or wax. It is important to select wire which is ductile and easy to work with.

Nichrome wire is a ductile wire which can be fired – firing a ceramic piece with an armature inside, is not ideal but Nichrome does allow for this with some additional care.

Kanthal wire is similar, slightly thicker but has the same properties, with these wires it is important to wrap the wire in wet tissue paper before adding the wet clay over the armature. The paper will burn away in the kiln and allow space for the wire to expand inside the clay.

Aluminium wire is an ideal medium to build armatures, at Alec Tiranti we supply specially sourced ductile aluminium in a range of sizes, both round and square section.

Although this wire shouldn’t be fired in a kiln!

With clay structures that need to “self support” it is often a good idea to use an external support, at Tiranti we have developed fixed and sliding armature supports of varying sizes to help with this.

A Fixed Armature Support is a steel rod mounted on a plinth which is bolted to the modelling board, the other end of the support rod is shaped into a S and an armature can be bolted to the end of the support rod.

A Sliding Armature Support is similar but the point at which the armature is attached can be slid up and down the vertical support rod. You can also make up additional sliding components for more complicated armatures, these can be positioned to best support the workpiece and improve stability.

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We’ll do our best to answer any questions you may have prior to or following your purchase.