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Square or Round Aluminium Armature Wire. The square is specially made for Tiranti’s in four sizes.

The three smaller sizes and the two sizes of round wire are sold by weight. If you order by weight, we will supply as near as possible to the weight you request, and charge for the exact weight supplied; if you order by length we will supply as near as possible to that length, which will be weighed and charged for accordingly.

The shopping basket will only accept an order by weight in whole kg. If you require less than 1kg, or wish to order by length please order 1kg and put a note in the comments section of the order form specifying the actual amount required.

The round is available in two sizes only. The round armature wire can be used to support soft modelling materials and as sculptural material in its own right.

Quantity Discount available:
5kg + of any one size less 10% discount.