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A range of Respirators to cover most of the materials we sell: Giving protection against Dusts, Gases and Vapours (the latter two must have a detectable odour). How long will they last? This depends on which one you have. The effective life of the respirator depends upon the nature and concentration of the substance concerned. You get what you pay for; the higher up the range, the longer the protection. You will know when a respirator is exhausted:
Dusts: breathing will become laboured. Respirators should always be disposed of when breathing becomes difficult due to buildup on the filter.
Gases & Vapours: you will detect odour in the respirator “breakthrough”. Substances should have good warning properties, e.g. taste or smell, and the respirator should be disposed of immediately when breakthrough is detected.
Respirators should not be used in hazard concentrations which are immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH). They should only be used in well ventilated areas (minimum 19.5% oxygen).
North 5500 Series Half Masks: The 5500 series is the optimum Low Maintenance respirator combining the comfort and fit of a reusable respirator while approaching the economy of a disposable. The low profile allows protective eyewear to be worn, and low inhalation and exhalation resistance reduces user’s fatigue.
The extremely soft hypoallergenic elastomer facepiece incorporates good anatomic design and conforms gently to the user’s face. The cradle suspension system of the straps adds comfort and provides correct positioning for an even seal.
Contoured sealing flange makes a comfortable mask, giving excellent fit, eliminating pressure points. Extended side flanges provide best possible seal during talking and other facial motions. Three overlapping sizes provide the most comfortable fit for the largest number of wearers.Direct cartridge to facepiece seal eliminates the risk of improper seal and reduces protection due to lost or worn gaskets.
For information on the Filter Cartridges, please see the individual product descriptions.
The information on Work Exposure Limits (WEL) is correct at time of publication and is subject to change.