Vacuum Equipment For Hire

Here at Alec Tiranti, we provide vacuum equipment for hire to our customers, usually on a weekly basis. This works well when you have a specific requirement for a project that you’re working on, without the need to buy.

Vacuum chambers and autoclaves have been used in the composites industry for many years and although such equipment is mostly used in the packaging and manufacturing industry, it can be used for other applications too. Suitable for creating the ideal mould or casting for your project. If you’re looking for vacuum chamber rental, then look no further.

Vacuum chambers allow excess gas to be removed from a mould or casting, the vacuum pulling the gas bubbles to the surface and expelling them into the surround chamber. This is an excellent way of ensuring that a mould surface is free from occlusions and ensures superior casting finish. With resin castings the vacuum chamber ensures that the finish quality is maximised and any faults or occlusions are removed before the resin sets.

We supply our vacuum equipment packages for an affordable rate of £85 +VAT for each week hired. You simply need a valid photo ID, such as a passport or driving license and some proof of address (for example, a utility bill). You can hire our vacuum equipment by collecting it either from Thatcham or London.

If you would like to find out about the availability of our vacuum equipment, which includes the vacuum chamber and pump, simply get in touch today and one of our technical team will be pleased to advise you.