Wood is a tactile material which is full of character and working with it can be deeply satisfying.  When you take hold of your woodcarving tools you get a sense that you are part of a tradition which stretches back across vast spans of time.  Indeed, with a wood carving knife in your hand, you could be a tribal hunter sharpening a spear, or a primitive farmer creating a tool.

In these days of modern materials and mass production, wood has been deemed unsuitable for many of the applications at which it used to excel.  But far from making it less valuable, this scarcity makes wood feel even more special, a luxury material among so much soulless plastic.  This quality has inspired many to buy a set of wood carving tools and take up this fascinating hobby.

Here at Alec Tiranti, we have been supplying sculptors and artists with materials and equipment for over a century, and we have a vast range of woodcarving supplies available.  From woodcarving chisels to blade sharpeners and bench screws, our carving tools are carefully selected for quality and usability.

Much of the variation in the tools used by experienced wood sculptors relates to the different shapes and profiles of the blades they use.  Straight woodcarving tools produce a very different effect to fishtail tools, and so on.  It is said that it can take many years to learn to use all the available tools properly, as wood carving chisels are very different to those used by joiners and cabinet makers.

Our woodcarving tool sets are especially suitable for beginners, as they include all the tools you need for your first foray into this enjoyable and rewarding handicraft.  Once you’ve experienced the joy of working with this delightful natural material, you’ll never look back.