Here at Alec Tiranti, we offer a wide range of tools for sculptors and artists, including a variety of woodcarving tools. Working with wood is an extremely adaptable medium to work with, and the skills gleaned from woodwork lend themselves to working well with other materials too.

We have tools to suit those new to woodwork, as well as professional woodcarvers. We offer sets of tools, which contain the core essential wood carving chisels and knives. By providing a variety of nib points on our woodcarving tools, it enables you to form differently shaped markings of differing depths. Our woodcarving tools also come with different handles, from mushroom handled tools, to general handheld woodcarving tools.

There are different ways of working with wood, and we stock different mallets and chisels for different purposes and uses, with the shape of the blade designed for the intended cutting technique. For example, we stock chip knives for chip and spoon carving typically practised in cabinetry and general woodworking. From straight woodcarving tools to bent and fishtail tools, we are sure to have something to suit you.

In addition to the wood carving tools themselves, we also supply equipment to ensure your tools are working in optimum condition. Our sharpening equipment, will ensure your wood markings are sharp and accurate, in the intended pattern and shape. Furthermore, we also stock other woodcarving tool maintenance products, such as slip-stones and honing oil.

If you’re searching for something specific when it comes to woodcarving supplies, simply get in touch, and our team will be pleased to offer guidance on the most appropriate products for your woodcarving requirements.