With over a hundred years under our belt, here at Alec Tiranti, we have established ourselves as a leading manufacturer and supplier sculptors’ products since 1895. We have an extensive range of materials, tools, and equipment for a variety of purposes from clay modelling and beyond. Our products are suitable for a wide variety of people working with their hands in different capacities, whether in the creative industries or in building work, for use on clay, plaster, wood, stone, or ceramics.

Our range of Stubai straight chisels are primarily for use as woodcarving tools, featuring a wide variety of different designs, including the basic straight chisel, gouges, and v-tools all of which are hand forged by artisans Stubai Valley, Austria. The extensive range of Flexcut chisels are available as interchangeable blades to fit a selection of Flexcut handles, which are sold separately. Individual chisels ranging from £22.33 to £43.00 (including VAT), these products are available to suit a variety of budgets. A number of sets are also supplied, with carefully selected chisels to enable use for smaller finer work, or large chisels for greater scale and more stylised finish.

The flat chisel can be used to flatten, smooth or trim a piece of work, as well as for detailing straight edges. We also stock skew chisels, which are almost exactly the same as straight chisels, except their cutting edge is skewed to one side (usually 45 degrees). Straight gouges have a U-shaped design, vary in their degrees of depth, and are able to remove large pieces of stock and to give a rough outline of the basic shape before the finer detailing. Our parting tools (or V-tools), with a narrow angle of 60 degrees. The V-shaped cutting edge means they are perfect for carving grooves, outlining, and forming letter-work.