Professional Grade Restoration and Finishing Products

After a century of supplying artists and craftspeople in London, across the UK, and throughout the world with the finest sculpting and finishing tools and materials, we have come to realise a fundamental truth: that the value we as humans place on an object depends on far more than just its utility.  Rather, when an item affects us on an emotional level, we can form a deeper connection with it.  It is to this end that so much attention is paid to the colour, the texture, the fit and finish of manufactured products.  It is also a key consideration for sculptors, restorers, and other artists, who seek to stir the emotions by their work.

We are Alec Tiranti, and it is our goal to offer our customers the most comprehensive range of professional grade restoration and finishing products available anywhere.  From basic tools to ground breaking and innovative chemical treatments, we are the only contact you need for the finest sculpting materials.

Brushes and knives are among the most fundamental items for restoration, and many other crafts too.  Squirrel hair is stiff enough to maintain a point, but not so elastic as to cause unwanted ‘spring’ when completing delicate work.  Therefore, we carry a full range of squirrel brushes.  Basic flat nylon brushes are another best seller.  Cutting tools are also essentials for most crafts, so take the time to browse our full range of craft knives, including surgical scalpel blades of various profiles.

Our inventory includes materials for restoring and finishing a wide variety of materials, from metals and ceramics to wood and stone.  At each stage of the process, we will only supply products which have been proved to provide the highest standard of results, time and time again.  For example, the first step in restoring an antique metal item to its former glory will usually be to remove any unwanted build up from he surface.  This can be achieved by applying an appropriate metal cleaner.

Once the item has been thoroughly cleaned and reassembled, a range of metal finishing products can be used to make it look brand new, or old, or whatever suits the needs of the artist.  Adorning new and vintage items alike with a traditional patina is currently very fashionable, and at Alec Tiranti we stock some of the finest patina paints and treatments available.

We are proud to be the sole UK distributor for Sculpt Nouveau products.  A company of artists specializing in sculpture maintenance, their chemical treatments are easy to use to create a variety of effects which will stand the test of time.  We especially like the Birchwood Casey patina products, which allow repaired metalwork to be artificially aged to match the piece as a whole.

Once the piece is completed and the surface is treated as desired, it can be protected and preserved by using an appropriate metal oil or clear guard product.  For more information on these or any other products, please contact our team today.

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