Restoration and Finishing

Achieving a satisfactory finish on any sculpture, model or other piece is critical to the success of the project.  Here at Alec Tiranti, we stock a wide range of tools and products which will allow you to realize the effect you’re searching for without compromising on quality and visual effect.

Stencil Brushes

Stencil brushes use firmly packed bristles and a round cross section to make for effective stencilling on any material.  Stencilling is one of the most popular ways to add decoration to your projects in a number of crafts, and these high-quality brushes will give excellent results every time when used in conjunction with our first class paints and lacquers.

Metal Finishing Products

We stock an extensive range of metal finishing products and tools, including:

  • Supplies of gold and metal leaf
  • Gesso, a plaster of Paris compound used as a base for gilding
  • Burnishing tools used to polish the metal by scraping
  • Pewter sheet, copper and aluminium foil
  • Steel wool
  • Metal cleaner
  • Metal oil
  • Various patina paint effects for metal
  • Clear Guard and Smart Coat protective top coats

Between all these products, it is possible to achieve almost any metallic effect you can imagine.  When using metal finishing products it is important always to start with a good metal cleaner to avoid the finish becoming contaminated.  For the aged or weathered look of a patina finish take a look at our range of brush on and spray on patina paint.  These products are hugely popular at the moment and create stunning finishes on all kinds of metal surfaces.  Highly realistic oxidisation effects can be achieved, adding age and authenticity to models and art alike.  Find the perfect traditional patina finish for your project from our Sculpt Nouveau range.  We are the sole UK distributor for these products which merge traditional designs with modern science.

Craft Knives

Knives are probably the world’s most universal tool, being put to work in kitchens, workshops, laboratories, campsites and a dozen other settings the world over.  And each of these applications has its own perfect blade, which is just the right size, shape or profile for that particular task.  The sculptors, model makers and other crafts people who shop with us work in a variety of media and on many different scales, and you can be sure that in our craft knives section we have just the tool you need for your next project.  Whether you’re working with paper, clay, wood, rubber, or any other soft material, you can be sure these high quality yet affordable tools will enable you to finish your projects to a higher standard than ever.

Squirrel Brushes

Squirrel brushes are a product which just keeps on coming back.  Our customers love the unparalleled capacity and delightful softness of squirrel hair, which allow you to wash large areas without disturbing previous layers of paint.  If you are a watercolour artist, be sure to give them a try.

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