Sundries and Health & Safety

We love the artistic process; creating something new, beautiful and inspiring where there was nothing before; however, it’s important that no one should ever have to suffer for their art.  We all want to live long, healthy lives, and enjoy the fruits of our labours for many years to come.  That being so, we should always be conscious of the health risks associated with our chosen art, and how to avoid them.  There are various health and safety accessories available for sculptors and other craft enthusiasts, and as always, Alec Tiranti can supply quality products at exceptional prices.  Our health and safety products include:

Eye Protection

As the most delicate exposed parts of our bodies, our eyes need special protection in many different situations – we wear sunglasses when it’s sunny, swimming goggles when we go swimming, and so on.  We should pay particular attention to protecting our eyes when handling art materials as many crafting processes create dust, fumes, or bright light which could all damage our eyes in different ways.  For example, wood turning produces very fine dust and this can cause health problems which may not be immediately apparent; or when using a grinder on metal or stone, it is not unusual for chunks of the material to fly off at high speed.  It only takes a moment for what was a normal day to become a very serious situation if you have forgotten to use appropriate eye protection.


Respirators are also an essential item of safety equipment for many artists.  The damage done to your respiratory system by dust and fumes may take years to manifest itself, by which time the damage might be irreversible.  To return to our previous example concerning woodcraft, it has been shown that carpenters and joiners are four times more likely to suffer from asthma than other UK workers.  No matter how clean you keep your work area, it is almost impossible to keep the air clear of the tiny particles which result from sanding and finishing.  Breathing in this wood dust can cause allergic reactions and mucosal respiratory symptoms; this has been shown to cause cancer of the nose.  The fumes from some materials can also be very dangerous, leading to breathing problems or the build up of toxic substances in the blood and organs.  For example, Clear Guard resin lacquer is one of our most popular metal finishing products, but the hazard information on the side of the tin leads us to recommend it only be used with goggles and a mask or respirator.  Metal cleaner is another product which must be handled extremely carefully.


We also offer a selection of workroom equipment to facilitate tasks such as mixing materials and preparing resins.  Resin sundries include calibrated mixing beakers, mixing bowls, spatulas, syringes, aprons and digital scales.  As with all products offered by Alec Tiranti, we have taken care to source the best tools in each category and make them available to our customers.

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