Sculptors' Tools, Materials and Studio Equipment

Here at Alec Tiranti Ltd, we manufacture and supply sculptors’ tools, materials and studio equipment for a range of different purposes, for professionals and hobbyists alike. These purposes might include carving, modelling, mould-making, casting, and restoration. The company has spent over a century supplying these products to sculptors across the world, so you can rest assured we are a brand that you can trust.

As well as equipment and materials for sculptors, those working in other industries will also find our range of products useful. This includes model-makers, designers, prototype creators, woodcarvers, stone-carvers, specialist plasterers, picture and furniture restorers, potters and ceramicists. Whatever your industry or hobby, we are sure to have something to suit you.

Although at times the traditional tools are still the best, we have come a long way over the years. We offer the latest innovations and technology to ensure that we are able to keep up-to-date with the current market of sculpture tools and offer our customers the best options out there.

We offer 3D printing, where we use systems including Cube Pro Trio, a 3 jet FDM (Fused Deposition Manufacturing) printer with options to print ABS, PLA and Nylon. We are capable of printing in a range of colours, much like 2D printing. We can print up to 285mm(w) x 230mm(h) x 270mm(d) (11" x 9" x 10") with the ability to produce 300 micron (fast) prints, 200 micron standard prints, or 70 micron high resolution prints. Consult with us in order to discuss your build requirements and make use of our complete direct-editing toolset, where we can turn most types of files into your 3D print.

If you would like to discover more about our range of products, please explore the website, or get in touch with us by either completing a contact form or emailing us on We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have for us.

3D Print Facilities

Tiranti now offer 3D printing using a state of the art 3d Systems Cube Pro Trio, a 3 jet FDM (fused deposition manufacturing) printer with options to print ABS, PLA and now Nylon in a range of colours. The maximum individual print size is 285mm(w) x 230mm(h) x 270mm(d) (11" x 9" x 10") and we are able to print 300 micron (fast) prints, 200 micron standard or 70 micron High resolution.

Email for information and to discuss your build requirements, with a full direct editing toolset we can turn most common file types into your final print.

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